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Well, here it is- the page where I give recognition not only to my other projects, but also my favourite websites- trust me, there are TONS of pages in my favourites, but they won't all be listed here for several reasons... specifically, because I'm way too lazy. Anyways, enjoy your way around these primo sites.


Favourite Sites:

The Hardy Show - The official Matt Hardy site- great forums there, that's the only real thing I use the site for. - Wrestling rumours and such- I know, I've got no life, don't remind me.

Gaia - Once again, great forums and such.

Ultimate Guitar - The title says it all, the ultimate site for music news and tabs.


My Sites:

My MySpace - The Mega MySpace.

deviantART - My deviantART page.

THE Rock Boards - The title says it all. A message board I created a year ago specifically for rock and metal.


Projects and such:

Dino-Instinct - The best Half-Life 2 Mod out there today.

Angelona - My band with "Red."